Aleksanteri Ovetshkin scored two goals in a game for the first time this season


In this season’s NHL, the Carolina Hurricanes and the Florida Panthers continued to perform well, while the Vegas Golden Cavaliers and Colorado Avalanche did not perform as well as before. The New York Islanders did not perform well in the early regular season of each season, but they always performed better in the later games. The time of the outbreak varies from team to team, and it largely depends on the strength and understanding between the players.

In this round, the Washington Capitals defeated the Ottawa Senators 7-5, and Alexander Ovitzkin scored two more goals. This year, Alexander Ovitzkin won the team’s contract extension again. She is very happy to continue wearing the Washington Capitals jersey. Aleksanteri Ovetshkin has started this game in six games. He very much hopes to be able to give the team another Stanley Cup at this age. Alexander Ovitzkin has won many personal honors in his career, but unfortunately he only won the 2018 Stanley Cup for the team.

In this game, Drake Baseson, wearing the No. 19 Ottawa Senator jersey, also left a deep impression on the audience. His brilliant performance also brought two goals for the team. Both players performed hat tricks, which is also a rare record in the league. The purpose of this game is to bring a different visual experience to the audience. The strength of the team changes every season, and the audience is looking forward to a new breakthrough for the Washington Capitals team.

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