Carter Hart wants is a chance to become the team’s starting goalkeeper


After playing for the Philadelphia Flyers for three years, Carter Hart’s performance has become more mature and stable. This year, the 22-year-old Carter Hart renewed his contract with the Philadelphia Flyers, and the team signed him for three years for $3.979 million. Carter Hart is the strongest among young goalkeepers. He is also the outstanding goalkeeper of the Philadelphia Flyers who hopes to return after many years.

After Carter Hart played last season, he clearly saw the lack of experience. The key weapon of a goalkeeper is to be able to judge the opponent’s shooting direction in time and be able to guess the opponent’s attacking method. The most direct way to learn these two weapons is to continuously participate in the competition, allowing him to analyze after accumulating experience in the live competition. So Carter Hart doesn’t care how much the Philadelphia Flyers paid. What he cares about is whether the team can make him the starting goalkeeper. Custom NHL Hockey Jerseys

Carter Hart witnessed a wonderful game between the goalkeepers of the Tampa Bay Chargers and the Montreal Canadiens in the finals of last season. He admired the strength of Andrei Vasilevsky and Kylie Prik. Carthart hopes that one day he can become such an excellent goalkeeper. This summer, he bought a Tampa Bay Blitz and hung it in the room to remind him of his goals. The Philadelphia Flyers saw the hope of the team’s rise from Carter Hart, so the team renewed the excellent goalkeeper in advance.

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