The Montreal Canadiens are looking for new players


This month’s Stanley Cup final is over. The Tampa Bay Chargers defeated the Montreal Canadiens by one point to win the championship. The Montreal Canadiens finished second, but they did not win in the final. The Montreal Canadiens guard Shay Webber will not be able to play for the team next season due to injury.

The Montreal Canadiens have entered the playoffs again since 1993, so their fans can see the team’s progress. Captain Shea Weber is one of the team’s best defensive players. His absence next season allows the team to choose a suitable substitute. Shay Webb said he was lucky to be traded to the Montreal Canadiens by his old club. The red and white jersey gave him a different professional experience. But the core of the Montreal Canadiens members is Shay Webber’s position in the team, and no one can replace it.

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