The Washington Capitals and Edmonton Oilers performed well


This season, the Edmonton Oilers and Washington Capitals two veteran teams have performed very well, ranking second in the division respectively. The Washington Capitals have won many games this season, and they defeated their rivals the Florida Panthers this round. The Florida Panthers’ four-game winning streak was ended by the Washington Capitals, who unfortunately lost 3-4 to their opponents. Hockey Jersey Outlet

Alexander Ovechkin has returned to good form this season. He scored many goals and assists. Alexander Ovechkin’s son appeared in the game wearing the Washington Capitals jersey. He was very happy to see his father performing on the stage. Alexander Ovechkin interacted closely with his son during the break, he was really a beautiful father. Alexander Ovechkin said: Only by letting go of the extra thoughts in the mind, players can fight for the game wholeheartedly in the game. The game is not a pre-occurring event, we treat it as a simple event.

The strength of these Canadian teams has improved this season, and only the Montreal Canadiens suffered a terrible record. In recent years, the Edmonton Oilers jerseys are still loved by many old fans, who will never forget the performance of the team’s glorious moments. Although not everyone knows when the Edmonton Oilers can perform brilliantly, their outstanding performance this season has been confirmed.

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